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Life’s unfolding path
can be difficult and painful,
but you don’t have to
walk that path alone.


The challenges and struggles we face in life can leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with responsibilities. You might be taking care of other people and neglecting yourself. Or you might be struggling hard to make an important relationship work.

You’ve tried more traditional kinds of self-help or therapy, and you’re ready for a different kind of therapy which integrates the mind, body and spirit.

Holistic therapy can help you to:

  • Create joyful & fulfilling relationships
  • Find self-acceptance & self-confidence
  • Know that you are worthy of love & success
  • Feel more grounded & courageous


By going tenderly into our suffering we can cultivate strength and emerge anew. We all have the innate wisdom to grow and heal our own wounds.

As a holistic therapist I pay careful attention to who YOU are.
I want to understand your goals and learn about your unique strengths. Together we we will bring compassionate healing to all parts of you: mind, body and spirit.


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You can create
a healthy and balanced
relationship with yourself
and with others.