The beginning of February marks the celebration of Imbolc, a time when we might begin to notice the days are getting longer and the sun is shining its light in places which it hasn’t for quite a few months. In some parts of the northern hemisphere the snow and ice is just beginning to melt, and the streams are beginning to fill once more. We are considering leaving our homes more frequently, as the air is a bit milder. We start to reflect on what we’d like to accomplish for the year, sorting through seeds of ideas and intentions we’d like to plant in our lives. We make commitments (or resolutions) to ourselves about what we’d like to achieve, or what we want our life to be like as this year unfolds.

Allow yourself to take a moment and reflect on these ideas: Where are the shadows falling in your life, and what could use some long awaited light? What commitments would you like to make to yourself this year?

My pledge this year is to find a healthy balance with that which sustains my body and soul. I look forward to seeing what sprouts for you in the spring.