I confess that I missed that last holiday on the wheel of the year, Litha (also known as the summer solstice).  Litha is the apex of the solar year, the longest day, when the sun is highest in the sky and our shadows are hardly seen as they lay directly below us. A time of year of activity, as the flowers continue to burst forth and the summer fruits and vegetables ripen in heat of midday. It was so much a time of activity for me that I had not enough time to sit down and compose my reflection. It was a reminder and a lesson for me, indeed.


Now we enter the season of Lammas, the first summer harvest. A time to play games in the sun and have picnics in the park or at the beach. The first round of seeds planted just months ago are fully ripened and ready to be consumed for our pleasure and nourishment. Historically, it was a time when the first grains were cut down and turned into bread, a symbol of sacrifice and gratitude for that which sustains us.

We also take this time to notice what in our life still needs tending to for the second harvest. What can we “weed out” to make more space for current growth to flourish? Where can we feed and drink to get the most out of our intentions for the rest of the year?