Once again the sun dips lower in the sky, moving faster across the horizon and the night is now longer than the day. The air begins to cool and the last harvest is collected as the summer vegetation dwindles, though most of us do not see much difference in the grocery stores produce section. Here in Northern California the harvest season is definitely apparent as the vineyards collect ripe, plump grapes from the vines to be juiced and fermented into wine.

We have worked hard to sustain our selves and enjoy that which our life has to offer. And even though Thanksgiving is two months away, it is a time to express gratitude and reflect upon all that we have reaped through the year.  For as we harvest we take stock for what we need for the winter, discarding that which haven’t used and making space.

So what have you harvested in your life this year? Take a moment to celebrate your achievements and enjoy your rewards.