Therapy & Counseling for Men

Though I work with people of all genders, since I have started my practice the majority of my practice has been male identified folks. In time I have become more attuned the different ways in which men approach therapy and the processes which can be most effective.

Modern culture still places a lot of stigma and taboo on therapy, which can be difficult for anyone to confront. On top of that, there are many “rules” placed on men and how they should be in the world – men don’t cry, men don’t talk about their feelings, men don’t ask for help. So for a man to seek out support from a therapist, it can be a very vulnerable task in and of itself. I hold all of these parts in honor and admiration.

Common issues men come to therapy for are stress and anger, both areas which I have a lot of experience with. I understand how debilitating stress can be to ones life and health — I know how detrimental anger can be to all of the important relationships in our life. I work with my male clients at a pace that is comfortable for them, going to the deeper places when they are ready. I help men slow down their experiences to really study what is happening inside. Read more about how I work with stress and anger.