Grief & Loss – Death & Dying

Grief can be one of the most complex and difficult emotions of human experience. Typically, grief is the reaction to any kind of loss. We experience loss on many different levels every day, but significant loss generally triggers grief. Many people spend a lot of time and energy avoiding feeling and processing grief, and when a big enough loss comes about, the grief can be overwhelming and feel all consuming. Because of this it is important to consciously process all of these complex emotions so our life does not get bogged down and we don’t get stuck in depression.

Death of a loved one is something that practically every person will experience in their life time. It is generally during these times of loss from a death that we experience the most grief. Death of a loved one can also trigger fears of our own death, existential fears and questioning of our spiritual beliefs.

When I work with people around grief and death, it’s important to build a foundation of mindfulness to watch and process the combination of emotions as they emerge. Thinking about grief and death can be scary or anxiety provoking, so I support people to take their time while guiding them to slowly move into places that might feel uncomfortable. By bringing consciousness to these topics which we avoid, we can make working through the feelings of fear and grief a little easier.