Ketamine Therapy
Assistance Fund & Partnership


Help Make Ketamine Assisted Therapy Accessible & Affordable

I have teamed up with the nonprofit Thank You Life to help make ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) accessible to more people. Your tax deductible donation helps those in need receive access to mental healthcare they would otherwise not be able to afford on their own. Thank you for paying it forward and helping members of your community heal.



More about Thank You Life

Thank You Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is equally passionate about making sure anyone who may benefit from this approach can access it. Their mission is to raise funds from generous donors and philanthropists, like you, and then offer scholarships to individuals who cannot afford psychedelic assisted therapies.

To accelerate their fundraising process and offer direct assistance to local communities, Thank You Life is collaborating with a select group of practitioners and clinics offering psychedelic assisted therapies, of which Holistic Therapy SF is now included! This wonderful charity has created a local scholarship fund that is reserved exclusively for members of the local San Francisco LGBTQIA+ community who are looking for help with longstanding mental health challenges.

If you’re considering donating to a worthy cause, your money will directly help struggling individuals in the area access these services. As Thank You Life is a non-profit organization that runs on donations, the amount they can help directly correlates with the amount of resources they receive, and I’m hopeful that through your generosity, and the support of others, that we will be able to create opportunities to experience this therapeutic approach for those who need it most.

You can Donate Here, or you can read more about Thank You Life on their website here.

Because Thank You Life is a 501(c)(3) charity organization, all donations are Tax Deductible.


Thank you so much for your consideration.