Nature as a Model of Healing

Earth Spirit Wisdom Medicine practices are ways for us to connect with the wisdom of nature to support and heal us from almost anything which ails us. Through this lens there are three causes of suffering or dis-ease:

  • Power Loss: Losing vital energy which supports us on all levels.
  • Soul Loss: Losing parts of our soul or personality, usually through a traumatic experience.
  • Energetic Interference: Outside forces influencing us negatively.

All of these issues can be addressed in a variety of ways through these practices.

The Journey is a practice that is found in almost all animistic cultures around the world, in some form or another. It is a simple yet powerful tool that anyone can learn and practice with brief instruction. The journey is a self-guided meditation with the support of a sonic driver (most commonly a steady rhythm by drum or rattle) to support you in a trance state as you work with spirit guides and animal teachers. During the journey a guide may bring you information on a particular inquiry, or help you retrieve power and soul parts. A journey typically lasts 10-15 minutes, without the use of substances. A journey can be done by the person seeking guidance and healing, or it can be done by someone else who can then bring the power or information back to them.

Drum Healing is a more advanced practice which employs the use of sound healing through drums, rattles and other instruments. (Sound healing is a powerful practice that can quickly and effectively shift energetic patterns held in the mind and body.) The practitioner uses these tools with the support of the guides to bring healing and power to the client. A drum healing can help with all of the previous discussed ailments and more.